Top 16 fruits dogs can eat safely

Many people wonder what is the best natural food to feed their dog. We are probably showing the most common organic foods that dogs can eat without getting sick. One of the reasons people come to us or see an emergency vet is because their dog had eaten something they shouldn't have eaten. When it comes to natural products, luckily there are many that are suitable for your dog. This doesn't mean your dog can't have an upset stomach or potentially runs, but these natural products shouldn't cause any harm. Like humans, natural products can be a healthy snack for your dog and can even help manage his bowl development. The main rule to follow: try not to let your dog overeat organic products, because he can. Some organic products are higher in sugar than others and can cause problems if too much is consumed, for example a loosening of the intestines.


  • Dogs can eat apples. One great thing about Apples is that they are loaded with vitamins C, fiber, calcium and phosphorus. They are safe fruit that your dog can enjoy and can be a great source of fiber for older dogs. Just be sure to take out the core and seeds as the seeds can contain small amounts of cyanide. It is also best to cut up the apple into smaller pieces. If your dog finds a whole apple in your yard and eats it, there is no cause for alarm.

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