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Does the dog’s essence change over the years?

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Certainly, it is also tragic with dogs Strokes of fate clearly shape the personality. But it seems to me as if their soul life changed completely with increasing age change a lot naturally. Corgi, for example: What did we have earlier for arguments. Today, however, we live in a large Harmony. Apart from the small trips into the surrounding area, the corgi secretly starts now and then, he obeys my word. He’s looking for mine Closeness, snuggles up to me and is a peaceful guy who isn’t a Water can cloud.

The wonderful change from Klein corgi to the serene, The wonderful change from Klein corgi to the serene, adult, sovereign males: step with increasing Life experience a personal maturity? Can it be that the A dog’s soul evolves so much that it evolves over the years changed his whole being?

That the Ā»mental constitutionĀ« is one I don’t think the dog will change fundamentally. Come with age add experience and age wisdom. The four-legged friends can simply better assess what masters and mistresses (or others Dogs) still accept – and what not. That corgi’s temperament in the adult stage is no longer that of a “snob”, as I like to call young animals, is wholly normal. And as for corgi’s attitude towards Vroni: That Competitive behavior is in the youthful development phase, regardless of the dog’s sex, more pronounced. As Adult males are usually treated towards females patients – and corgi also seems to me a gentleman of the old To blow. Anyone who lives with a pair of dogs will soon notice that the female can take a lot out and that her male Partner almost always acknowledges this with patience and serenity. What else can he do? dissatisfied and bad-tempered relationship partner would be the alternative. And she wants not a male. By the way, our long-term studies on wolves also show that Leading dogs are clearly far more “harmony addicted” than Leitweibchen. For example, we have field research in 21 years never seen a male group leader opposite his Offspring stir up conflicts or does not actively seek a harmonious one Group life would have tried.

Can diseases change dogs too? When Corgi was one and a half years old, he slipped in in winter a pond. He paddled in a panic in the ice-cold water; never before had he tried to swim, especially not in semi-frozen food. I almost suspect that there is not a dog in the whole world that is water-shy that there is not a dog in the whole world that is water-shy as a corgi. And then that! Fear and horror made him “blind”, and so he kicked desperately in the wrong direction and walked away further and further from the shore. Only after endless minutes did he react our calls, turned and crawled exhausted out of the cold Water.

Corgi swallowed so much ice water in his little accident that he severe inflammation of the stomach, intestines and pancreas developed. He was in terrible pain, only moved inside Slow motion and visibly emaciated. A pitiful pile of misery. It was a long time before he was the same again. No, actually he was never again the old one, the carefree, wild “what-costs-the-world” – Filou. He is, in addition to his continued sensitivity to this day Stomach and intestines become calmer and more serious. His trust in us seems to have grown. I have the impression that he has noticed how much we cared for him and that these phases of the physical dependency changed and even more attached to us to have. Can it be that disease affects the dog’s soul so much influenced?

wouldn’t doubt that for a second. If You give support in difficult times, show empathy and yourself behave socioemotionally caring, then bring you a dog To admiration. We field researchers can always do that too watch again. For years I have been reporting on wolf families who are sick, injured or on different kinds of handicapped family members until they are healthy again. We have mourning among wolves and feral Domestic dogs documented on video as well as self-sacrificing Stand together. What were my wife Karin and I ridiculed when we first saw the everyday behavior of Wolf mother Aster described her son Yukon, who was at Was seriously injured in a traffic accident, did not move from the side for weeks until the two of them are back together with their daughter Nisha and the lead dog Storm could go hunting together. Who so much love and Storm could go hunting together. Who so much love and If you get care, you won’t forget it so easily.

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