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Can Dogs Be Depressed?

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If dog were human, we would have said: He is depressive! Today, looking back, we think: his “loving” behavior towards us and our own fixation on Simba’s fate let me overlook the fact that Lupo was downright suffering.

There were too To sniff out traces of the disease. After Simba’s death, it was a few weeks before Lupo was back to normal was: energetic, hungry, obsessed with playing. But even then he never went to Simba’s orphaned basket or her Favorite stuffed animal touched. I am convinced: Lupo suffered, did mourn, was really depressed at times. He has his big little one “Sister” is just very missed. Can this be?

It looks like Lupo wasn’t just entertaining his human social partners a deeply rooted friendship, rather also to his four-legged relationship partner Simba. Therefore should one interprets its behavioral change as what it is whole one thing was obvious: Lupo felt uncomfortable after Simba’s death. He mourned a beloved four-legged friend who was also used to “Family” belonged like himself.

That doesn’t mean that all dogs mourn when a group member dies. What matters is how close the relationship is between the both were alive. Rank and age, on the other hand, seem doesn’t matter. Our observations show, for example, that wolves mourn close deceased relationship partners. you are then restless, “somehow in a bad mood”, howling painfully and looking again and again those places where one of them trusted Family member has died.

The animals give theirs Obviously expressing grief in several ways: Some seem really affected, others hardly eat anymore. In some cases the partner left behind is correct or even the whole family in a special “mourning howl” that demonstrably clearly different from the usual howling repertoire differs. Sometimes the survivors also return in return to the corpse at different distances and examine it. Or they keep looking for those places where one of the Yours died. Now and then even largely healthy ones die Wolves inexplicably after losing the couple mate.

It is no different with many of our domestic dogs: if a tight one Group member dies – and at first it doesn’t matter whether it is acts a conspecific or a human – it is nothing Unusual when the dog is obviously grieving. Straight Over the years, male and female dogs can form a very close bond develop that resembles that of two lead animals in a wolf family. Dies one of the two, the person who stayed behind sometimes mourns for several days: He then hardly takes any food or does not eat at all and shows one very “depressive” body language.

Depending on the personality type, he suffers either quietly (introverted type) or behaving altogether much more restless than usual (extroverted type). Basically, I would therefore say: that dogs and canine species Not being able to suffer is easy for me unadjustable. And again I would like to add: You can see it but! Dogs need our help In such a situation, we human beings should try to avoid the everyday life of the to shape the grieving dog as before. That gives the Animal emotional support and helps him as quickly as possible over the loss get over it. The worst would be if we overdone ourselves emotionally behave and regret the dog constantly. This could turn out to be may make his suffering worse. We keep it in our family at least for years so that after the death of a dog with the or those who stayed behind, especially together in nature go for longer walks than usual and many others Meet dogs. This distracts the animals and helps them to get back to life quickly to regain emotional stability.

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