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Top 10 Reasons That will Make choose to Get A dog

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Why is it the dogs are so special? is it their unconditional love? their tireless desire to play, in this article we gonna present the top 10 reasons why so many people choose to spend their lives with a dog.

By their side, if you’re thinking of adopting yourself then we might be able to help you make a firm decision.

1.They are Very Cute

the biophilia hypothesis by Keller and Wilson suggests human beings need to relate to other living things due to our highly social behavior the result is that dogs appealed to our innate motivations the reason we find puppies so irresistible.

2.They Teach us New Things.

Having a dog carries certain responsibilities such as providing hygiene routines and teaching basic orders. Dogs also teach us little by little we learn how to relate to others, why it is so important to be consistent? and how using positive reinforcement can help us navigate our world better.

3.Dogs Keep our Heart Healthy

Dogs need an average of two to four walks a day with very active dogs, we need to combine these with heavier exercise and activity, this translates to more physical activity for us and therefore a healthier heart.

4.They Help us Sleep Better in Winter.

Do you know the expression Three Dog Night in various cultures a sleeping dog helps people stay warm in cold climates so a Three Dog Night was a particularly freezing one requiring the reassuring warmth of a canine pal to keep warm?

5.They Make us Happy.

Relating to and interacting with animals provides endless benefits to our well-being even precipitating endorphin release this is particularly good at reducing stress and anxiety levels.

6.They Help us to be More Sociable

Dogs are very out going especially on walks their willingness, to interact with other dogs and people can in turn help us to be more sociable and engaged.

7.They improve our health.

People with dogs often get sick less and when they do it’s less serious, this is because dogs expose us to certain germs and bacteria which help bolster our immune system in low concentrations. Additionally several studies have shown us that children here have dogs experience less allergies in their adult life.

8.They improve quality of life

for people with autism more and more psychologists are seeing the benefits of a dog with a stable cam and positive temperament that can provide a person with autism, thanks to their simple and predictable communication, they encourage positive social interaction Decrease anxiety and prove self-esteem and provide healthy physical contact.

9.They are the best friend you can have

Each dog has their own character they often follow us everywhere we go they make us feel like the most special person in the world it’s not a coincidence so many people refer to dogs as man’s best friend a

10.Dog’s love is infinite

A well-raised dog which is treated with respect and affection which has a solid bond with a guardian and wider, a family is a dog who will always love and this love is sincere unconditional.

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